SOG 4-28-2016

ATTENTION SPAM MEMBERS April 28, 2016 "A Night of Comedy With Lenny Clarke and Friends to Benefit the Family of Trooper Thomas Clardy" will take place at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester at 7PM on May 22nd. The $100.00 tickets for the event are available on the SPAM Benevolent Fund web page, which is accessible [...]


Fundraiser for the Family of Tpr. Tom Clardy

In Memory of Our Fallen Trooper Thomas Clardy Dear Friends and Colleagues, On May 22, 2016 at 7:00 p.m., the S.P.A.M. Benevolent Fund will be hosting a Comedy Night at The Hanover Theatre in Worcester as a fundraiser to support the family of our fallen Trooper Thomas Clardy. Ticket prices are $100, $70, $40 and [...]


SPAM-O-GRAM 3/18/2016

Funeral Arrangements for Trooper Thomas L. Clardy, ID# 3090, E-2/ SP-Charlton, 77th RTT Wake: Monday, March 21, 2016 1400-1900 hours St. Michael's Church, 21 Manning St., Hudson, MA Walk-by: Law Enforcement Walk-by @ 1600hrs, St. Michael's Church. UNIFORM: Walk-by: All MSP personnel shall be attired in Class "B" Winter Field Service Uniform. Black badge shrouds [...]


SPAM-O-GRAM February 3, 2016

ATTENTION SPAM MEMBERS: If you are a member who received a memorandum from the Colonel dated January 7, 2016, and titled "Claims of Physical Injury Alleged to Occur in the Line of Duty", ordering you to answer questions about your approved line of duty injuries, please delay your response until you receive word from SPAM [...]


SPAM-O-GRAM January 27, 2016

ATTENTION SPAM MEMBERS:  The deadline to enroll during open enrollment for Guardian Long term Disability is Monday, February 1st. This date is fast approaching! If you have questions you would like answered, please see the contact information for Anne Albrecht below. She can answer any questions, and address any concerns you have. She can also [...]