Time to Contact Your Representatives!

As you know, SPAM was successful in attaching our language to make sure that our contract
with the Department is adhered to.

SECTION 127 of the Senate FYl 7 budget will protect the due process clauses in the contract that protect you. The time to act is now.

Please do the following:
a. Review the attached material, including the Call Sheet.
b. Visit www.wheredoivotema.com to find out who your Representative is.
c. Call your Representative !!!!!!
d. Ask them to sign on to Representative Angelo Puppolo’ s letter in support of SENATE
SECTION 127. (See the attached sample script)

e. Let the SPAM Office know the results of your calls.
We need you to act now. The Conference Committee must finish their work quickly
to get a budget to the Governor in time for the new fiscal year.
I cannot convey how important this matter is to this association and its members. You need
to act now in assisting us with this mission.
Dana A. Pullman

SOG June 9, 2016 with Script etc…DOWNLOAD NOW!