Assisting First Responders, their families, and members of the community.

How can I support the SPAM Benevolent Fund?

The SPAM Benevolent Fund relies on the generosity of philanthropic individuals, corporations and foundations.  There are many ways you can help support the State Police Association of Massachusetts Benevolent Fund.

The ‘Protect & Serve’ Special License Plate is now available through the state Registry of Motor Vehicles. The plates cost $40, $28 of which goes directly to the SPAM Benevolent Fund in the first year. When you renew this specialty plate in two years, all $40 goes directly to fund.

Where does my donation go?

Donations to the SPAM Benevolent Fund, provides financial assistance to first responders and their families during times when they are unable to perform their duties due to extended illness or injury and provides resources to families that have lost a member of the public safety community. In addition, the fund assists members of our community during the time of need.


of your donations go directly to the cause, not to overhead, administrative, marketing or salaries.

Ways to give

Consider a memorial or tribute gift as a unique way to celebrate or honor an individual, or milestone occasion at any time of year for milestones such as holidays, birthdays, as a thank you, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

As an ongoing supporter, a recurring gift through your credit or debit card provides continuing support to first responders and their families during times when they are unable to perform their duties.  A planned, monthly contribution allows you to budget and spread your support over a period of time. Please connect with us to set up a monthly schedule for giving or simply select the monthly gift option on the online donation form.

The decision to make a charitable gift comes from the heart. There are many ways to give that will secure future support for first responders and their families by planning charitable contributions as part of your financial and estate planning. Many such plans offer tax advantages and benefits to the donor.

These types of charitable contributions include:
Wills and Bequests • Life Insurance/Retirement Accounts • Stock or Securities • Property and Life Estates

Attend an Event

The SPAM Benevolent Fund holds various events throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information!

100% of your donations go directly to the cause of helping first responders, their families, and members of our community.

State Police of Massachusetts Association Benevolent Fund (SPAM Benevolent Fund) is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charity and your contributions are tax-deductible.