Executive Board Members

The State Police Association of Massachusetts Executive Board Members oversees the enforcement of the collective bargaining agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our Board Members conscientiously and diligently maintain oversight of strategic planning, long-range budgeting, financial interests, and overall operations.

Constitutional Officers

The State Police Association of Massachusetts has a dedicated group of experienced and professional staff members to administer the daily operations. Their collective commitment to the men and women of the State Police Association of Massachusetts spans several decades.

  • Brian Williams, President
  • Luke Bonin, Vice-President
  • Brendan Murphy, Treasurer
  • Matthew Kane, Secretary

Troop Representatives

  • A – Avery Morin
  • B – Daniel Moran
  • C – Jeffrey Gilbert
  • D – Michael Halstead
  • F – Michael O’Brien
  • GHQ – Jason Lambert
  • H – Danny Mahoney
  • SPEC-OPS – Michael Crowley
  • AG/DA – Christopher Johnson
  • DIS – David Stewart
  • DHS/GEU – Thomas Rodger