First responders are on the front lines every day and when tragedy strikes, the resources to help their families are often strained or non-existent. That’s where the State Police Association of Massachusetts Benevolent Fund comes in.

And now there’s a new way you can help support the wives, husbands, children and other loved ones of first responders killed or injured in the line of duty. The ‘Protect & Serve’ Special License Plate is now available through the state Registry of Motor Vehicles. The plates cost $40, $28 of which goes directly to the SPAM Benevolent Fund in the first year. When you renew this specialty plate in two years, all $40 goes directly to fund.

The fund provides financial assistance to first responders and their families during times when they are unable to perform their duties due to extended illness or injury and provides resources to families that have lost a member of the public safety community.

Created by the State Police Association of Massachusetts in 2010, the fund was set up to help families of first responders when they need it most. To date, the fund has provided more than $600,000 in assistance to the families of state troopers, police officers, firefighters and other public safety personnel killed or seriously injured on duty. This assistance is often crucial for families as they are suddenly faced with lost income, home or utility bills, funeral or medical costs, and other unforeseen expenses.

These plates will help us to continue to be there for our brothers and sisters when they need us.

Get yours today by going to the RMV website’s “Special Plate” section, or clicking here: Protect & Serve Special License Plate