About Carly Rose

Appointee of the Governor, Public Safety Union Member

Carly Rose has been a member of the Massachusetts State Police since 2005. She is assigned to the Attorney General’s office and focuses on cases involving major crime, financial crime, cybercrime, public integrity, human trafficking and gaming enforcement. She also is a member of the Attorney General’s Executive Protective Team. Trooper Rose has received numerous awards for her service.

Trooper Rose comes to the PRIM Board with a great deal of experience serving the PRIT Fund’s beneficiaries. For five years prior to joining the State Police, she was employed by the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board as a senior client services representative advising public school teachers and administrators on retirement-related financial and contractual matters and conducting public seminars on retirement-related matters for teachers.

Trooper Rose holds a master’s degree, with honors, in criminal justice from Suffolk University and a bachelor’s degree, with honors, in criminal justice from Salem State University.

About PRIM

As a fiduciary, PRIM’s mandate is to construct and manage a portfolio of investments that delivers strong risk-adjusted returns to reduce the Commonwealth’s unfunded pension liability and also help local participating retirement systems meet their pension obligations. PRIM aims to be a leading investor of retirement funds through strong financial performance, a high degree of professionalism and transparency, and responsible resource management.

PRIM’s highly experienced, professional investment staff seeks to maximize the return on investment with an acceptable level of risk by broadly diversifying the investment portfolio, capitalizing on economies of scale to achieve cost-effective operations, and providing access to high-quality investment strategies. Through a disciplined yet innovative approach to market opportunities, PRIM has consistently exceeded both its benchmark and its actuarial target rate of return as established by the Commonwealth over the long term.

We are focused on building a portfolio that maximizes our probability of achieving the actuarial rate of return while minimizing risk and cost. We believe that evaluating any investment and any portfolio must focus on three equally important parameters: return, risk, and cost. As a result of those beliefs, we don’t make tactical asset allocation decisions or investment decisions based on market or economic predictions. Instead, we engineer a strategic, long-term asset allocation policy that we construct to stand the test of a long-time horizon.

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