Dear Representative Whelan,

The State Police Association of Massachusetts respectfully requests your acceptance of an endorsement for your re-election in the First Barnstable district of the Massachusetts House.  Your steadfast commitment to truth and justice represents the highest principles of an American government answerable to its citizens.  Now more than ever, the people of Massachusetts need your leadership.

To those who have not had the pleasure of your company or counsel, please allow me some fair words.  Timothy Whelan served with distinction as a Trooper and Sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police.  He is an indispensable advocate, steadfast supporter, and seasoned policymaker in the House of Representatives.

Earlier this year, we saw the catastrophic consequences of a global pandemic reach the Commonwealth.  True to form and expectation, the MSP responded with distinction.  From the onset, numerous sacrifices were made to ensure the State Police maintained a stable and healthy workforce to respond to the needs of the Commonwealth.  When critical supplies were low, Troopers escorted shipments and convoys and provided site security, ensuring the prompt arrival and delivery of supplies to those in need.  When testing locations were called for, Troopers assisted in the planning, staffing and safe operation of the sites.  When City and Town law enforcement departments were hit with staffing shortages and needs, Troopers responded and made sure no community was left unprotected.  From temporary hospitals, treatment centers and morgues, to statewide responses and emergency management through the dissemination of timely and accurate intelligence and overall leadership of police services, Troopers were and remain vital to the continuity and continued operation of the Commonwealth.

Amidst the pandemic, which remains a consistent hazard, the Massachusetts State Police saw some of the worst unrest in recent memory.  Bad actors, intent on harm, hijacked peaceful protests.  Despite the persistent dangers and already strained resources, Troopers stood firm in the protection of first amendment rights, while being subjected to criminal acts and violence against police.  Vicious attacks on law enforcement in the form of throwing bricks, rocks, and even propane tanks occurred.  Troopers were spat on, hit and had bodily fluids thrown at them.  Injuries and hospitalizations followed.  The response:  the utmost professionalism in the delivery of police services.  In times of disharmony and disaster, the Massachusetts State Police are the calming and visible representation of government and order.

Representative Whelan is the quintessence of a State Trooper.  The State Police Association of Massachusetts unabashedly and wholeheartedly supports Representative Whelan’s re-election bid.  Representative Whelan exemplifies the definition of a Trooper.  Massachusetts needs his support and leadership on Beacon Hill.

Corey J. Mackey
President, State Police Association of Massachusetts