Maryellen Barry and the Association President sat down with Channel 5’s Nichole Berlie this week to talk about the new “Protect and Serve” Special Plate and how important they are to supporting the ongoing efforts of the Association Benevolent Fund.

“The plates are a way to say ‘thank you’ to those who protect and serve and help out families who are touched by unthinkable grief,” WCVB anchor Maria Stephanos says in the piece.

The plates, now available for purchase at, cost $40, $28 of which goes directly to the Benevolent Fund. When plates are renewed after two years, all $40 goes to the fund. The plates were officially launched at a gala last weekend that raised more than $1.5 million. The Benevolent Fund has given out more than $600,000 in assistance to families of first responders killed or seriously injured in the line of duty, including troopers, municipal police officers and firefighters.

“Inevitably there will be another line of duty loss,” Barry told Berlie. “You know this is going to happen again.”

Watch the whole WCVB clip here: WCVB ‘Protect and Serve’ plate helping fallen officers’ families

Order your plate here: Mass RMV Protect and Serve Plates