The State Police Association, along with our partners from the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Policy Group, Massachusetts Coalition of Police, Fraternal Order of Police, Boston Police Patrolman’s Association, Boston Police Detective’s Benevolent Society, Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts and numerous other public safety unions, continue to express our many concerns with the recent police reform bill. Below is the text of two media statements released by SPAM last evening and today. Also attached are statements from MCOP and [...]

State Police Association of Massachusetts Organizes Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway for Vulnerable Families

Works With Neighborhood Network Center And MSP For Second Annual Event What: For the second year in a row, the State Police Association of Massachusetts is providing full turkey dinners to families in Boston for Thanksgiving.  Working in conjunction with the Neighborhood Network Center, Inc. of Boston and the Massachusetts State Police, volunteers will be distributing the meals to 150 eligible families in the Grove Hall section of Boston.  In addition to turkeys, the 25 [...]

Endorsement of State Representative Timothy R. Whelan

Dear Representative Whelan, The State Police Association of Massachusetts respectfully requests your acceptance of an endorsement for your re-election in the First Barnstable district of the Massachusetts House.  Your steadfast commitment to truth and justice represents the highest principles of an American government answerable to its citizens.  Now more than ever, the people of Massachusetts need your leadership. To those who have not had the pleasure of your company or counsel, please allow me some fair words.  [...]

Trooper Thomas Devlin

The State Police Association of Massachusetts is saddened to announce the line of duty death of one of our members. Trooper Thomas Devlin, a member of the 66th Recruit Training Troop (RTT), a 35 year veteran of the State Police, will be greatly missed. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Trooper Devlin served at the State Police Concord Barracks (A-3). Trooper Devlin succumbed to his injuries that were sustained in the line of duty while he [...]

Thanks to the courageous Senators

Early Tuesday morning, ten (10) State Senators stood bravely apart from the hurriedly formed, submitted and rushed-to-vote Senate bill S.2800. The votes cast do not detract or reject police reform, but rather focuses our attention on reforms that are sound, attainable, and well- reasoned. We wish to extend our thanks to Senators Collins, DiZoglio, Fattman, Gobi, Moore, O Connor, Rush, Tarr, Tran, and Velis for their commitment to drafting and passing meaningful and well-thought legislation. There has been [...]

President’s Message To The Membership RE: Senate S.2800 and Qualified Immunity

Dear Association members, It strikes me as fundamentally cruel that absolute or qualified immunity exists in the law for every single government official in Massachusetts, but now the Senate wants to carve out an exception that will overly expose police officers, who have one of the most dangerous jobs that calls for split-second decisions under extreme conditions. For legislative acts -- which are slow and deliberative -- all legislators have absolute immunity, which, just like it sounds, [...]

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